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Company Introduction

Alibaba Group operates a wide range of Internet services, is committed to create the world all convenient online trading channels. Since its inception, the development of consumer e-commerce, online payment, B2B online marketplace and cloud computing and other leading businesses. Alibaba Group's existing 25 Division, whose goal is to promote an open, collaborative and prosperous e-commerce ecosystem.

Alibaba Group was found in 1999 by Jack ma, a English teacher and China's Internet pioneer, he hopes alibaba will become a universal secure, and reliable tool that allows the public to benefit from the Internet. Alibaba Group held by the private sector, and its services cover more than 240 countries and regions all Internet users. Alibaba Group and its related companies distribute in China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States and it has more than 24,000 employees.

Alipay was established in 2004, is China's most widely used third-party online payment platform. Alipay is committed to billions of dollars on personal and corporate users with safe, reliable, convenient online payment and collection services. In December 2012, Alipay's registered accounts exceeded 800 million. In November 11, 2012, Alipay transactions completed 105.8 million, setting a new single-day trading volume. Alipay is China online payment program preferred Internet Merchant, which provides third-party credit guarantee services, so that buyers can be confirmed only after the purchase of goods satisfactory payments to businesses, reducing the risk of consumers.

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