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Academic Dress

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Academic dress is also called graduationdress, which is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings, graduation,worn mainly by those who have been admitted to a university degree, or hold astatus that entitles them to assume them It is also known as academicals and,in the United States, as academic regalia.

The material of the graduation dress differsfrom region to region because of the climate and the culture. The price differsand range from the extremely economical to the very expensive.

Academic Dress in Canada

Most Canadian universities adopted eitherthe British or American graduation dress as their patterns.for example, McGillUniversity, which origins from British hold the British academic dress.

Academic dress in France

In France, academic dress, also called tag, which is similar to French judges' court dress, except for its color,which depends on the academic field in which the wearer graduated. For doctors,it consists of a long gown, an epilog, a white rabbit. The color of the dressdepends on the field of graduation. You can find violet dress in divinity, scarletin Law, red current in Medicine. The version of the dress consists "smallcostume" and "great costume", both are identical in form butdiffer in presence or absence. For the pet costume, the gown is all black, forthe grand costume, the gown lack between samaras’. You can dress grand costumein formal occasions, because the color is equivalent to the white.

Academic dress in German

The German academic dress is called "Taller",which is common to all scholars in Europe and America. This kind of dress canbe found in daily clothing in the Middle age. In recent years, some universities begin to use the traditional academicdress. So, the polio type design takes up in German school.

Academic dress in United Kingdom

There are different academic dresses in England because of its long history. According to their sharp, patterns, we can catelogorise the dress into gowns, hoods, caps. For example, the Cambridge BA style gown is designated to a hood. The universities are free to design their own academicals, so there are a lot of gown, hood, and cap. There are two distinctive shapes used in the UK for doctor's gown; the Oxford doctor's shape and the Cambridge doctor's shape. The former has bell-shaped sleeves; the latter has long open sleeves. Undergraduates at many older universities also wear gowns. The academic cap or square, commonly known as the mortarboard, has come to be symbolic of academia. In some universities it can be worn by graduate’s and undergraduates alike. It is a flat square hat with a tassel suspended from button in the top centre of the board. Officers of the universities generally wear elaborate dress.

Academic dress in United States

Academic dress in the United States has been influenced by the dress traditions of Europe. But there is some code, which becomes a scheme of some university, and some school ignores it. The influence of the Europe tradition start at colonial period, at that time, students are required to wear the "college habit" at the most time. In 1932, the American Council on Education authorized the appointment of a committee to deter mine whether revision and completion of an academic code. The committee reviewed the situation and approved a code for academic costumes that has been effect that year. Bachelors' and masters' gowns in the United States are similar to their counterparts in the United Kingdom, Doctoral robes are typically black, although some schools use robes in the school's colors. Head wear is an important component of cap-and-gown, and the academic costume is not complete without it.

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How to Dress for Graduation

While graduating college, you are excited and relief in the exams, papers, and their associated all-nighters. But there is another thing, commencement, for this, you must prepare below.

What to dress in this day.

You will be taking a lot of photos with your best friend and teachers, so, look at yourself in the mirror, cruel your hair, throw on a litter congealer and put your best face forward.

Some people assume that what they wear on graduation doesn’t matter because it will be covered up by a bulky robe. I completely disagree — wearing something great underneath your robe is important for several reasons:

*When you need change your clothing between the ceremonies, so wearing something under your robe is necessary.

*on that day, you need take your purse, bag or something you need.

*it’s important to wear something somewhat sleek. A graduation robe will add enough bulk on its own, so a really full skirt will look strange under it.

The only part of your outfit that people will be able to see is your shoes, so a cute shoe is a good choice for your clothing.

Now, everything is ok, have some fun!

Ask & Answer

What to wear under the academic dress?

If you're happy you're not gonna fall over, wear whatever you like! A girl at this graduation wore a pair of amazing purple velvet heels and they looked grand!

Make sure you wear a blouse with buttons to attach the hood of your gown to. If not, prepare for a safety pin so nothing silk/satin. 

If you're bothered about matching, check what colour the trim on your gown is going to be. Mine was two shades of green (Leeds uni, science masters) so I went for a white, high neck blouse and a knee length pencil skirt and black court shoes. Wish I'd gone for bolder shoes but there's often a lot of walking to a fro all day for gown fitting / photos / ceremony / photos after / graduation do if you're dept puts one on. 

Worst I've seen is floral summer dresses and non-matching shoes and where the gown/hood is attached the weight of the material has pulled the dress up!! 

Which dress should I wear for an academic banquet?

A nice flowing skirt and a collared button up shirt. or if you'd like, black pants and a collared button up shirt. some heels maybe or flats. a nice comfortable heel would be lovely. I prefer no necklace, only a pair of earrings that accent the color of your dress. You'll look absolutely stunning. Have a great time. Congratulations!


How to wear academic dress

How to properly wear your academic regalia for the upcoming commencement ceremonies. This video includes instructions for the master's degree gown, hood, mortarboard, and tassel.

History of the Graduation Gowns

The significance of the design of the gowns worn at the graduation ceremony - who wears what and why? Alison Culingford from the University's Special Collections talks through them.


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