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Bridesmaid Dress

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Top 15 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

I'm addicted tofinding fabulous couture options for my bridesmaids. I've asked four girls tocelebrate my big day: My best friend from childhood, my older sister, my futuresister-in-law, and my cousin. A few years ago, when I originally chose them,the dress styles were very limited. Sure, there were some nice options, but never any that were full-on stylish.


To make matterseven more complicated, they all had their own agenda of what they wanted towear. The mismatched dress trend hadn't been born yet, and it's the one I'mofficially crushing on for my Italian nuptials in 2014. Forget boring taffeta and horrid shades of pea green—the dresses below are incredibly chic!

Black dresses arepurely chic, but do try pops of color on your bouquet to make a bold statement

If you want adramatic color but you don’t want to commit to a dark shade, try gunmetal foran elegant option

If you are goingto pick the same dress style for each girl, do let your girls pick out their own shoe choices to let their personality shine.

Navy is the newblack. It’s classic but with a pop of color in the shoes, it’s beyond fabulous!

I am currentlycrushing on bold hues, and this stunning shade is sassy.

 Go monochromatic with a plumjewel tone and pair it with a lighter shade of bouquets.

I think this hasto be the biggest dose of sunshine in any bridal party. They rocked this color!

For a mismatchedbridal party, use one color in different hues, like these gorgeous leadingladies

This is myfavorite of all the looks—classy and downright sassy.

I love how thisbridal party has different shades of neutrals, a pattern, and differentnecklines.

Sequins? Oh. My.Word. This is a must for any girl that suffers from shiny object syndrome.

The sweetest shadeof blush on the shortest dresses ever. Could your girls rock this look?

Shades of coraland poppy are so on-trend at the moment, and these girls look amazing

I can’t figure outwhat I adore more: Their little gray dresses or their fun, natural poses.

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The first 5 steps to shopping Bridesmaid Dress

You may have the clothes, now is the time to find their own dress, bridesmaid dress that you will. Almost every bride had uttered the words, "they can once again put on them!" But, to tell you the truth, most of the maid not. Therefore,although this is a lovely idea to remember, it should not be your first priority.Instead, focus on these things, according to Jacqueline Weppner, bride styling house message Merci founder of New York.

1. Then have a look yourself. The overall style and think about your wedding dress and. It is a classic, modern, or antiques? Your bridesmaid dresses should suit the vibe. If you wear flowy, Bohemia lace dress, your maid may look out of place in a formal taffeta dress.

2. Serious consideration of color. Don't expect everyone with a bronzed glow."The blush and grey brown is hot bridesmaid dress color right, but they are not suitable for all skin tones. They can wash some people out, "said Weppner. If you have a fair range, olive, and darkskin tone, make sure all clothes colorflattery. (keep hair color is the same, in mind if you choose something unique,may conflict with a red hair, for example.) You can color palette, say Weppner,please (think pink and dark coral).

3. Consider a day and time of season. The wedding date is probably a big factorin your decoration, autumn colors and Apple's focus in October, peony andcolors of spring in May - butwhen daily affairs. The black dress may be perfectin November, but a bit forced in outdoor, noon ceremony.

4. Flexible (a bit). Most of the maid of honor to have some input what the're wearing, but too many opinions, can make the whole process suffer unspeakably. Look for brands to provide similar dress with different collar, for example. You can choose the color and fabric, each of the girls are in the style of the most like, decided that her body type.

5. Please remember, this is your day. "Do not yield to pressure, to make everyone happy," said Weppner. "This is not possible." You should keep an open mind and be understood, but support your bridesmaid there, (ideally) andyour vision.


How to find the perfect Bridesmaid dress?

There are so many colors, shapes and styles, find a bridesmaid dresses, will let allthe happiness you seems to be an impossible task. This is why we ask IndiaSellars, one of the founders of the maid to measure, to the important tip our.

Thisis your wedding, your day, your most important person. Well, almost. Yes, themaid of honor, your dear friend, your choice of big day who, is an essentialpart of the. So, here is to make your 'besties "feel the best advancedtechniques.

1.Don't let your lovely ladies, until the last. Bridesmaid dress color and stylewill reflect the wedding theme and style. Once you have your bridesmaiddresses, you can get a real sense, because you want to shoot the weddingdirection.

2.Don't be stubborn, when it comes to color. As much as possible to let you havealways dreamed of color is very important, think about your maid complexion. Ifyou select a color wash your a maid come out, do not ignore it. It's just notfair. At the same time, seasonal, environment and your bride dress. Instead ofblocks of color, you can try out the beautiful flowers or pattern of thefabric, or every girl wearing different, but complementary tone. Take yourtime, and consider your options.

3.A dress is not suitable for all people. Unless your friend is a model of geese,all your maid of honor will be of different shapes and sizes. In places, suchas the maid to measure your bridesmaid can have different styles of clothing inthe same color and fabric, or in different colors and fabrics of the same styleclothes. This is a very important point, every maid and everyone you are happy,can be confused.

4.Don't let the shoes  too late. Especially if you choose bridesmaid dresses,shoes to display.

5.Keep your bridesmaids warm. Some of the venues, the church and the reception isvery cold, so it's convenient, to ensure that your maid have little shrug,scarf, or Pashminas, let them close they should get the flu. Goose bumps arenot too good looking.

6.All this is in preparation for the. If you have your clothes, please ensurethat you have the correct underwear and shoes accessories. Tailored dress needsparts and renovation, to ensure a perfect fit, so it will help to speed up thisprocess.

7.Don't panic, if one of the bridesmaids you, belong to the pregnant. You need toconsider the comfort to her; light not installed, Empire line and relaxedfabric. For example, chiffon is a lot lighter and more cool than satin.

8.Have fun. Select the bridesmaid dresses are notoriously tight, it is oftendifficult to get everybody approval. To avoid all this to this day, and makesure that there is in the last bubble as a thank you for the lovely maid youglass


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Ask & answer

Does the Bride pay for the Bridesmaid dresses?

The bridesmaids almost always pay for their own dresses, unless the bride wants everyone to be wearing expensive dresses, then it is up to her. If you think that your Maid of Honor is under the impression that you're paying for the dress, a good way to bring it up would be to say something along the lines of.. 

Average cost of bridesmaid dresses?

 $250 each (unless get a discount at the local Jenny Yoo botique).  on one hand, this is perfectly reasonable, because you fiance's family has money and has bought dresses that cost in the $200 range for use as party dresses, etc., in the past. Why can't they pay a little more to be in your wedding?  On the other hand, his family is having to buy two of these dresses. Is it unfair to ask them to pay $500 for bridesmaid gowns? On yet another hand, if it was up to me, you could have picked a $100 gown , but since his mom wants them to be able to pick the dresses, you have to choose a place where I like *all* the gowns, that has a variety of gowns--so the price increase is b/c I'm trying to suit her wishes. What do you think?


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