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Flower Girl Dress

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Flower girl dress trend

Fivelovely flower girl dress

Theflower girl is small,but she have take the most impartant palce in the weding.The flower girl is going to lead the way for the couple,so the brides or goom should choose a dorable dresses for the girl.

  A colorful sash adds a beautiful pop of color to a white flower girl dress. Match the color of the sash to the bridesmaid dresses for a look that ties in the entire bridal party together.   

A colorful sash adds a beautiful pop of color to a white flower girl dress. Match the color of the sash to the bridesmaid dresses for a look that ties in the entire bridal party together.

A flower girl can never have enough flowers. These textures look absolutely divine and add a fun, youthful element to these adorable dresses.

A tiered skirt adds the perfect amount of volume to a flower girl’s dress. It creates a lovely shape and adds a princess-like effect – every girl’s dream!

Considering that flower girls are generally between the ages of three to eight, it’s appropriate for them to be wearing dresses befitting their ages. Sleeves add a demure look to the dresses and, if possible, make the girls look even sweeter.

Flower girls don’t necessarily have to wear white. Lemon yellows, mint greens, and pretty pinks are popular choices for flower girls. Candy-colored frocks perfectly complement the sweetness of these little girls. You can even match the flower girl’s dress to the flowers at your wedding!

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How to choose the flower girl dress

A flower girl dress usually takes up by the young girls in the wedding. These girls are about 4 to 8 who have a special connection to the bride or groom. the girls walks down the aisle with a basket of petals. So the couple must choose appropriate dress for the girls. They must keep several things in mind when they are going to buy dresses.

When we want to buy a flower girl dress, the first thing we want to do is consult the flower girls parents about the size of the girl, to make sure that the dress is comfortable. The bride-to-be or the couple must take the color, size into account.


The couple has a lot of options when they buy flower girl. Somebrides choose a flower girl dress which has the same style with their dresses. However,if the bride or parents of the flower girl want to add a touch of color, they can add bows, ribbons, or a sash to match the color of the bridesmaids’dresses. Some brides choose a flower girl dress that matches the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Other brides choose at lower girl dress to match thecolor scheme of the wedding, such as the color of the flowers or center pieces.


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a flower girl dress is comfort. Avoid choosing a dress that is made of an it chyfabric or trim. An uncomfortable dress can lead to an irritated or whining flower girl. No bride or groom wants to see a flower girl walking down the aisle that is wiggling, scratching, or pulling at her dress. Be sure that the dress is also not too long to ensure that she is not tripping down the aisle.Some flower girls are not comfortable in dresses, so if that is the case,choose fancy pants out fit for the flower girl to walk down the aisle in.


Size is a most important factor which we must take into an account when we purchasing a flower dress. The flower girl is at their growing age, so the parent or the couple should keep this in mind when purchasing a dress. Ifthe wedding is one year away and the flower girl dress fits perfectly, it islikely that the dress will not fit on the wedding day. Consider purchasing the dress a size up to be safe. In the event that the dress is too big when the big day is getting closer, take the dress to a tailor to get the dress hemmed or taken in.

Fabric Quality

Choose a flower girl dress that is made of a quality fabric that is both comfortable and wrinkle-free. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that a young girl will sit still through the ceremony and reception of the wedding.Pick a dress made of a fabric that will stay neat and pretty throughout the festivities and avoid fabrics that are easily wrinkled and torn. There are several different fabric options shoppers will come across when browsing for a flower girl dress.




How to Sew a Flowergirl Dress 

How to Make Ella Tutu Flower Girl Dress Fluffy for Birthday

Ask & answer

Why do some flower girl dresses look like mini wedding dresses?

They normally wear whatever color and whatever dress the bride wants them to wear.

They have the flower girl dresses look likemini-wedding dresses, because it makes the younger girl(s) feel special looking like the bride. They normally like to wear whatever color and close to the same dress the bride is wearing so then they look just as good as the bride does.lol I think they do that just so they could have their one 'special' day aswell since you normally don't dress your child up in outfits like that otherthan for pageants, Easter, and stuff like that.


How to choose little flower girl dresses?

it’s such an enjoyable thing for choosing dresses for flower girls when preparing a wedding. They are angles. When selecting one, pay attention to the formality, style and colors. You should better make them coordinate with your bridesmaids’ dresses and the wholewedding. If you’ll have a beach wedding, even casual dresses will be ok, but aformal one is quite to the contrary. Minimize your bridesmaids’ dresses orcolor them difference may be the easiest and practical methods. So you may needsome stores like the knot or Milanoo where provides quality dresses andcostom-made is available. Plan to dress your flower girls in something that looks good with the bridesmaids' dresses, but remember that you don't have to have everyone match. Consider using the same color dress for everyone but having the little girls wear a variation of the adult version


When should we order flower girl dresses? 

You should start looking now and determine if the dresses you want are special ordered. There are designers that can take up to 12 weeks to ship a dress. You should plan to finalize the flower girldresses about 4 months prior to the wedding to allow for custom dresses and possible alterations. The age of the girls has a lot to do with growth rate.The younger they are the faster they grow. If you have to order early with toddlers you should plan for extra room and alterations.


Where to buy flower girl dresses?

It's easy to find flower girl dresses online, like DHgate,lightinthebox,Kleinfeld bridalAlfred angel and Milanoo. They supply lovely flower girl dresses and custom-made is available on some of them.someone tailor-made flower girls dresses on chinawholesalecentral for their wedding after checking how those dressesexactly look like on girls in real wedding from their testimonial page. It tooka little longer than regular as dresses are custom-made, but, very worthwhile.


Color for the flower girl's dress?

There is no right or wrong in this situation. A 5 year old can pull anything off so don't worry about it. The white dress with a light blue bow will look adorable.


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