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Short Dress

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People today take more attention on their dress in wedding, choosing a appropriate and vogue garment always bother the pending couples. Store manager of Costa Mesa David's Bridal, Jennifer Garland Says :”Modern brides are getting much more experimental when it comes to what they wear on the big day,.They're trying out unconventional silhouettes like tea lengths, short skirts and high-low hemlines” According what Jennifer has said, short dress are become a perfect choice for people to attend prom, homecoming, or party. Additionally, unlike other traditional and formal dress, the short dress in prom make women more beauty and attractive which help them to be the central of the party.

The list following show the latetest styles and hottest trends in short prom dresses.


Soft and feminine attributes of this short dress help girl to become more girly. Moreover, the classic design of empire waist and sheer overlay and whimsical ruffled hemline make the dress perfect for formal, homecoming,or prom.


A beautiful sleeveless short formal dress decorating a shimmering beaded bodice with a sweetheart neckline. A wide band at the waist gathers the layered chiffon fabric that cascades down to creat a flirty loose fitting layered A-line skirt.


This short dress with a joyful cut out one the sleeveless bodice is chic and elegant ye matains a youthful and feminine style. Short A-line skirt with slim fitting high neck bodice design gives this dress right shape, while lacey textured fabric adds a feminine discrimination. 


This sexy one shoulder dress create an asymmetrical single shoulders strap with sparkling jeweled accents and beaded detail on the slim waist give this short dress a amazing style that is wonderful for any prom.


A charming short black cocktail dress with shimmering metallic fabric and flirty slim fit. The asymmetrical neckline and vogue single long sleeve set this dress in a captivating level that makes it easy to attain the spotlight at prom

Choosing a short dress in different occasion

Before you choose your short dress, make sure that the location and the time of year is appropriate for wearing short dress: obviously, there is no point wearing a minidress if you are celebrating the festival years in the north of China.


Since the mild tempreture and breeze in the area of beach, it is perfect wearing short dress to participate some prom here. Opt for floaty chiffons and limp laces,short hemlines and bare shoulders.

Church or other sacred place

If you plan to wear short dress in formal occasion, such as wedding, a short dress with traditional pattern is perfect for that place. Some women may worried of wearing short dress is too revealing. Well, this style is exist and popular in the 1920s, so try to trace back to the custom in early age and find some inspiration.

Register office

To fit this kind of official place, you should dress up simple with staple and sheath dress.

Civil ceremony

This depend on the ceremony you join in. If it is a small affair with only 10 guests, there is no need fo an elaborate knee-length gown. On the other hand, if you are expecting a solemn ceremony, you may feel embarrassed with a simple suit.

News or Informations

Wedding dress trends (ocregister)
Short dress in wedding is so popular among many celebrities in New York's Bridal Fashion Week  and will lead fashion.
So ridiculous! VERY short black dress stops traffic in Miami ! (dailymail)
The international model Claudia Romani waring a very short dress and sporting a red bright Guess handbag cause a traffic jam in Miami.


How to be lady like in short dress?

1. Have a appropriate length dress.There is a good rules of thumb that the dress should go past the tips of your fingers. If your finger can touch your bare leg when it is straight down, then your dress may be too short.

2. Do not stride when you are walking. This may cause your dress to ride up on your thigh.

3. When you pick something, pay attention on your action. The right ladylike way to pick things up is to press your legs together, and as you are bending your knees to squat, turn them slightly to the side so you are beside the object. Then pick it up.

4. Use proper posture to sit. Fold your dress under your thighs, make sure your legs are pressed together.

5. Never bend straight dowen at the waist. This will reveal your underpants.

Wearing short dress in a decent appearance

1.Make the cleavage small, do not make skirt to aggrasive

2.Press knees together. Especially, when you are sitting, make sure your knees are touching, so that people will not see your panties.

3.When picking up some thing, bend your knees. Your skirt will ride up if you do it in a natural posture.

4.If there is no need to bare your legs, wear stockings.

5.To make your legs less longer, your should choose to wear flats instead of heals.

6.Wear opaque leggings or solid color shorts. This allow you to show off some skin but stops any chances for panty-flashing.



How to make a decision between short dress and long dress when attend a prom.

General opinion is that short is for homecoming, and long is for prom. While, thing changed. In morden prom, more women try to dress shorter suit so that they can show off their stature. Short dress makes legs look longer, with the help of short dress women can play up their curves and draw attention from men. If you have a short dress which is appropriate for prom, it will be comfortable to wear and there is no need for you to worry about being stripping over by yourself. 

Long dress is a traditional garment for women to join the prom, if you want to give people a impression of elegant lady, long dress must be a perfect choice. You can also play up your curves with some lingy dress that hugs your body.

FYI: Before you choosing dress, your date is the most important issue you should consider. If your date has same hight as yours, do NOT want to be taller than him, that would be hurt and make him feel embarrassed. 

If you do not have a date, just wear the one you feel good in!

Why I choose wearing short dressing in Prom?

It is much cheaper than a long prom dress

It is more convenience to carry if you are hurry to a party.

It is more comfortable to dress and much easier to change shape, especially if you plan to do so during the prom.

No need for help if you go to toilet.

You can show off your beauty legs and shoes which you can catch the eyes from cute guys.

I want to buy short formal dress online





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