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Summer Dress

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When summer comes, the temperature gets higher and higher. Your skin need to breath! It is time to put on your summer dress. Get rid of those heavy clothes, and show people your beauty.

This year on May 13th, Austrian luxury fashion brand Wolford used the inspiration coming from the romantic atmosphere in 1980s to design its summer dress. It emphasis the sense of depth, the clipping design, and Couture Silhouette fashion style. The summer dress has three themes: Holiday Resort, spring, and summer.

Holiday Resort Dress

The main idea comes from the legendary graceful movie star Greta Garb and famous fashion illustrator Rene Guru. Colorful picture of leopard print, eye-catching decoration and the design of metal sequins help to combine sex appeal with grace. With red, pink and green as the main color, and black matched with silver, it is a perfect choice when attending special occasions.

Spring Dress

The charm of spring is shown by the combination of romantic flowers and graceful nylon lace. It uses lace, printing, and jacquard weave to make full use of its fabric. Close-fitting blouse, dress, and silk stockings make the female beauty of lines prominent. Use tulip and broken beautiful design to embellish leg ministry line, and match with lace silk stockings, making the whole design perfect.    Summer Dress

The design of summer is casual. using the combination of Pencil Dress and mini skirt to emphasis the sense of depth. Close-fitting blouse and skirt use geometric pattern boldly. Summer look also uses bold leg decoration to mould eye-catching legs

News or Informations

Nineties-style maxi dresses are vogue for summer (ADELAIDENOW)
Hourglass peplum dresses with digital prints so popular last summer are being replaced by flowing maxis.
UWDress.Com Adds 50 Items to Its Assortment of Summer Cocktail Dresses (NEWSDAY)
Recently, UWDress.com has added 50 items to its assortment of summer cocktail dresses. And all the fresh dresses are designed by professional staff, and they are of high quality.

Summer Dress Trend


You’re saying it loud and clear. The aim is to draw eyes and generate interest: never was there a better conversation starter than a boldly lettered article of clothing.

Inverse shirt buttoning

It’s so simple it sounds almost crazy, but the simplicity of it is also its genius. Rather than leaving the top few buttons of your shirt undone, invert the process. Button up the top few, and leave the rest to float open wide.

Cowgirl mashup

Squeezing Western elements into outfits in unexpected ways kept thematic overkill at bay, and signaled a little sub-trend rising up in cowboy boots and embroidered shirts and low-slung oversized belts.


Fringing takes on a broad range of styles for spring 2014. On the runways, it wasn’t just cowgirl and it wasn’t just flapper; I guess you could say it just was. Spanning evening wear to casual, fringing and tassels swished onto the scene and found new ways to make a mark.

Le smoking

They’re not quite a traditional smoking jacket or tuxedo, but a number of spring 2014′s pieces took inspiration from them. Shawl collars and lure fabrics give off a tux vibe while bright colors and cuts with twists break from the mould.


How to choose summer clothing?

Summer sun dresses is a good choice. This particular style has been there since 1940s and today it has evolved with more styles and designs to suit all kind of figures.

When it comes to the color, white is pretty good, and girls are always looking for bright colors, such as yellow and green, to show their vitality. And colorful clothing is very eye-catching.

And of course, it must be Lightweight fabric. Fabrics like cotton, cotton-silk, linen and Lycia are good choices, because they are very soft, and suitable material for summer clothing. They absorb sweat and allow air to pass through. The latest in light fabric is organic cotton which is manufactured in such a way that it just doesn’t allow the heat to seep through the cloth, keeping you cool and calm throughout the day. 

Non-elastic clothing can also be taken into consideration. Elastic in clothes can be very irritating to the skin in summer. Prolonged periods of exposure of the skin to elastic can cause itching and redness. Wear clothes that don’t touch your body and make it sweaty. Velcro, hooks, zips, stretch materials etc. are great replacements to apparel that contain elastics.

How to Make a Summer Dress out of a Bedsheet?

    First,You have to know your measurements, and choose the bed sheets that you are going to change it to your dress. And you have to know what kind of skirt you want. Second, cut out the skirt. Know the length and the pattern of the skirt exactly, then lay your pattern over the bed sheet and cut out the shape of the skirt by cutting along the edges of the pattern.

Third, create straps.  Cut a strip of cloth 7.5 cm wide. Or use the fabric that you reserved if you chose to trim the edge off of your bed sheet. Then, Place the fabric face-up on a flat surface. Next, Pin the fabric edges together, and sew the edges together using a sewing machine. Fold the fabric that you just sewed so that the unseen ends are together. Finally, Flip the 2 tubes of fabric inside out and set them aside. These will serve as the ties for your dress.

Forth, sew the skirt.

Sketch a shirt pattern on a large piece of paper. Then, cut out the pattern pieces, and place the pattern pieces on top of the bed sheet material.  Four, pin the cut shirt pieces to the lining material, and pin the 4 pieces of the shirt together. Then, try on the shirt with the fabric turned inside-out, and sew up the sides of the shirt piece except for the zipper. Just keep the zipper pinned into place.

Fifth, assemble the Dress.

First of all, make the skirt and pin the skirt to the bottom of the shirt. Then, add 4 pleats to the top of your skirt, placing 2 in front and 2 in back. Next, Sew the skirt to the shirt. Make sure that the dress is folded inside-out to make your seam less visible, and add the zipper. 

Sixth, finish the project.

Put the dress on and place your hand on the excess fabric above the bust. Then, take the dress off and sew the fold into place and fold down the raw edges of the shirt around the arm opening. Next, take the straps that you sewed earlier. Pin the straps to the shirt onto the top corners of the bodice. Finally, sew the tubes onto the fabric, now, you can wear the skirt.


Summer Dress Tutorial

How to Wear: Summer Dresses in Fall


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